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Pity Party (Girls Club) is the moniker of American artist/ musician/ singer/ songwriter Julian Isaac A. The project was formed in 2014 in the Inland Empire region of Southern California when julian was just a sophomore in high school. Later that year the “Tired” EP was released and had much success on the internet. Following that came projects like “Healing Process” and “I’m Sorry I’m like this” which produced some of Pity Party (Girls Club)’s best work including hit songs “Yellow” and “I Hope You’re Doing Okay” . Growing in popularity fans impatiently waited for another album but didn’t get another one for about 4 years . In 2022 Pity Party(Girls Club) finally released his/their 3rd studio album titled “Hard Times/Bad Trips” with popular tracks like “I Hope That u Think of me” (which already has accumulated over 2million streams on Spotify) and “Me and You”. Pity Party(Girls Club) continues to progress and shape indie rock while keeping true to his/their simplistic yet creative approach towards music and arts .